Practice Areas

We handle all aspects of Civil Trials and Litigation.

Professional Liability

Being faced with a professional liability, malpractice, or negligence claim or lawsuit is very serious business. The selection of an attorney or law firm to protect your interests as a professional is important. Our firm provides experienced defense of professional liability claims throughout Florida.

Consumer Law

Claims brought by consumers against business entities alleging violations of statutes and regulations in regard to the collection of a valid debt is an exploding area of the law. Lawsuits brought by debtors against business entities seeking to collect money owed are typically governed by state and federal laws designed to protect the debtor. These cases can be very complex. Our law firm defends banks, credit card issuers, collection companies and other financial institutions and professionals in consumer based claims.

Casualty / General Liability

Golden Scaz Gagain, PLLC’s Casualty / General Liability practice group has more than 50 years of combined experience defending personal injury claims.